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We solve complex business problems by combining traditional operational excellence methodologies with transformative technologies. Our comprehensive solutions utilize Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning / Deep Learning) in conjunction with proven business transformation methodologies to deliver operational improvements. Additionally, we provide a clear roadmap to accurately measure and track the financial benefits resulting from such improvements, thereby ensuring long-term implementation success.

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Skovinen drives a new standard of operational excellence through transformative change management and technology solutions

What we do

We empower organizations to make objective business decisions that lead to proven improved financial results. A typical transformation journey with us comprises three phases:

The discovery phase familiarizes our team with your operations - its business processes, systems and key people. It helps us identify areas of pressing business concerns and generate hypotheses of the root causes underlying these issues.

We take a deeper dive into the operations and utilize advanced analytics to analyze data, and machine learning / deep learning to accurately capture and model key issues and trends pertinent to your business. We then utilize these models to generate a detailed roadmap and implementation plan to help resolve the primary issues identified in the prior phase.

Our team works closely with key people in your firm to help carry out the actions laid out in the implementation plan. This joint-team approach helps ensure sustainable implementations that positively impact relevant areas of the organization, not only during project execution, but long after its conclusion.

Your business imperatives are front and center of what we do

Starting with client business imperatives, we build technology solutions that directly address the key issues

Why Skovinen?

Our analytics-based approach utilizes client data and integrates technology solutions as part of a holistic approach to delivering solid results

Adding value across a broad spectrum of industries

Organizations across a wide variety of industries have the potential to integrate artificial intelligence into their operations and become more competitive.

Our team has demonstrated results across a broad spectrum of clients, including companies in the Food & Beverage, CPG, Finance, Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas, Chemicals and Transportation & Logistics industries, just to name a few. Visit our Results page to learn more.

Achieving the next level of operational excellence

The application of AI is the next logical step once a firm has reached the limits of traditional operational improvement. However, small or mid-sized firms that haven't had the time, budget or resources to embark on large improvement projects before, also stand to benefit from it.

With projects targeted to solve specific business problems, we help firms, both large and small, leapfrog to the next level, while offering a much greater return on investment.

Transitioning from a reactive to proactive outlook

Analytics and reporting of current and historical data, that still accounts for a majority of business reporting today, is based primarily on a reactive model. By contrast, artificial intelligence can provide predictive, and even prescriptive insights.

Our transformation projects help integrate these forward-looking views into the day-to-day operations, thereby instilling a more proactive culture of managing business.

“Skovinen has enabled increased visibility of performance during our rapid growth. This has given us the ability to strategically pursue improvement projects, effectively manage production, and gain a holistic understanding of how seemingly unrelated conditions affect our processes.”

- Lyle Jincks
Continuous Improvement Manager
Laird Superfood