Automated Customer Segmentation

Marketing & Sales

Automatically identify clusters in your customer base that share commonalities that may not be apparent, revealing segment profitability, improving customer relationships and enabling better price differentiation.

Our Point of View

Automated Customer Segmentation (ACS) is a highly value added element to any organization's growth strategy, allowing the key functions to effectively leverage critical data to make informed decisions that ultimately drive the way in which you go to market, manage your customer base and be profitable. Using our analytics, your customer activity, SKU profitability, and pricing will provide a holistic and complete view of how your sales strategy is ultimately serving customers. ACS will show you where there may be potential client risks that can lead to erosion and sales loss, plus provide proactive information that can be utilized to ensure you can deliver finished goods at the correct pricing.

Automated Customer Segmentation will:

  • Ensure you have an effective methodology to measure profitability
  • Will capture trends in customer activity regarding usage and spend

Clustering algorithms powered by machine learning allow us to push the limits of traditional basic segmentation methods. These algorithms are more flexible and vastly expand the number of dimensions in your customer data that we can jointly analyze. Because these methods benefit from accessing large amounts of data, it is paramount to have the required mechanisms in place for the collection of highly relevant and high-quality data.



Evaluate and apply machine learning and advanced statistical techniques most suited to the complexity and size of your customer base and product range and obtain insights such as:

  • Automatically identify clusters in your customer base who share commonalities that may not be apparent
  • Identify least and most profitable segments, improve customer relationships and enable better price differentiation
  • Support multilevel buying patterns, from SKU to product category, to help decision-makers not just with the customer base itself, but with buying trends and habits as well
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