Who we are

Skovinen was founded by multidimensional, experienced professionals coming from complementary backgrounds, with a shared vision - to empower companies to make rapid, objective business decisions that lead to success. Our team includes individuals coming from successful careers in management consulting, bio-informatics, finance, microchip design, data science and artificial intelligence.

With decades of experience in management consulting, the Skovinen team works closely with our clients to deliver proven financial results. Starting with the client business problem we determine root causes of the operational issues, and then create a roadmap that specifically addresses the challenges. We use an integrated approach that blends traditional operations consulting with transformative technologies to deliver sustainable operational results that exceed previously achievable outcomes.

The Skovinen difference

Skovinen empowers organizations to make rapid, objective business decisions that lead to proven improved financial results.

  • Our offerings combine advanced data analytics, AI and Management Consulting in a comprehensive solution
  • Our analytics-based approach utilizes client data to generate the improvements benefits case
  • We bridge the gap between business needs and transformative technologies such as AI (ML/DL)
  • Our proven framework allows us to deliver accelerated business value for clients

Skovinen :: etymology

Our name draws inspiration from a core algorithm in Machine Learning - the "Random Forest". Skovinen is a portmanteau of the Finnish word for "random" and the Danish word for "forest".

The predictive power of a Random Forest comes from the diversity of its decision trees. Each tree may render an adequate decision for the task at hand, but the collective verdict of the Random Forest is often better by far. Similarly, we strive to bring together expertise from diverse industries, backgrounds and experiences to deliver original solutions to client problems.

“Skovinen provides a paradigm shift for what is possible”

- Tom Hurwitch
Chief Financial Officer
Bulls Bay Group