Managed Services


Providing ongoing external monitoring and support of key metrics, process and performance and offering timely intervention to ensure results are sustained.

Our Point of View

Managed Services offers our clients a way to continue to have the support they need after the project has concluded. Consider this an extra set of operational eyes, ears, and arms that continues to support you via external monitoring of operational performance and then offer you the support you need when things appear to be negatively trending.

The service is fully customizable to each client and may include:

  • Software updates from our 3rd party parties as needed
  • Monitoring of KPIs with timely performance feedback
  • Customizable performance dashboards for defined user groups.
  • Organizational training for new hires or refreshers
  • Data hosting (cloud)
  • Operational audits and inspection to ensure compliance to tools, process and technologies


Enjoy sustainable results through ongoing external monitoring and timely intervention of key metrics, processes and performance. This process ensures continued support after the conclusion of an on-site project.

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