Operational Transformation

Change Management

Driving sustainable improvement is the key to delivering results. Our expertise in operational consulting is both technical and tactical and ensures both transference and ownership to changes in process, tools and behaviors.

Our Point of View

Operational Transformation and Change Management: The framework to an effective operating model is the ‘Management Control System (MCS)’. The MCS comprises of, and combines Technology, Data, Operating Tools, and Organizational Alignment and Development to ensure our clients are both technically AND tactically equipped to drive sustainable results. It is the integration of those elements that is unique to Skovinen.

A Management Control System may include the following levers of operational performance:

  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness): Bringing together the real time data from your lines that address the key elements of Rate (system speed), Quality (defect level) and Asset Availability (machine uptime), and tying this to key performance metrics, action plans, targets, and resource requirements to ensure you meet OTIF (on time in full) at the right cost to serve
  • Maintenance & Asset Reliability: Linking IoT sensors to your overall maintenance strategy, training and tools to minimize unplanned downtime. This includes an effective Work Order System, Parts Kitting, MRO right sizing, Crewing, Metrics and performance Dashboard
  • Supply Chain, Procurement, Warehousing & Logistics: Having the right materials at the right place, for the reason, at the right time and at the right price. This combines the analytics and data with solid operational practices. At Skovinen we have industry experts who can support you across the entire value chain including the sourcing of your Direct and Indirect materials, to your multi-modal logistics framework (including Rail, Barge, Truck, Air, Ship) to optimized locations for your inventory positioning (right sizing)
  • Organizational Alignment Development: A critical element of any consulting implementation is ensuring that the organization is effectively aligned, has the appropriately defined roles and responsibilities, and training to support the new process, tools and technology


Business Transformation underlies all our solution offerings - through proven processes, tools, and change management techniques, we help ensure continuous business improvement and sustained financial benefits.

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