Sentiment of Customer

Marketing & Sales

Sentiment of Customer™ automatically analyzes text-based data to extract information and insights using Natural Language Processing (NLP). It allows for automatic segmentation of customers, streamlining or automating customer service, and troubleshooting issues with a product or processes in the organization.

Our Point of View

Sentiment of Customer™ enables analysis of large text-based data sets that are not easily quantifiable or analyzed. It makes use of natural language detection, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to “understand” and analyze data sets in order to draw organizational conclusions, troubleshoot issues, and provide market insights. NLP analysis can be applied to various business objectives. Skovinen has applied NLP to a wide range of text-based data sets, including customer service emails and product reviews.



The application of the technology to automatically discover methods of categorization combined with relevant industry and operational consulting experience uncovers insights and benefits such as:

  • Determine trends in product reviews such as Amazon, Shopify, or other e-commerce platforms
  • Segment negative or positive reviews to troubleshoot key product issues and improve customer satisfaction
  • Segment customers based on recurring attributes developing key marketing insights to create a tailored marketing strategy and refine a specific target market
  • Categorize customer service emails to determine key customer issues
  • Identify recurring issues to automate areas of customer service, in order to reduce case volume, lessen email traffic for employees, and reduce workload
  • Predict future customer service volumes in advance of the workload to manage employee capacity
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